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We opened and sold our first cone on 6/14/96.

Margot started making candy lollipops in 8th grade and then after college made chocolate candies, including the delicious hand-dipped chocolate truffles. When Kayla was born she named the candy Kayla’s Kandies.

Over the years there have been lots of different candies Margot has created. The ice cream parlor was a place to be able to make the candy and commercially sell it. Kayla was eight years old then and ran the register, even counting the change back to the customer.

Margot’s sister Katie and mom Naomi also work in the ice cream parlor. Now Margot’s daughter Laurie who is six years old is learning how to scoop and count change.

Kayla now makes most of the candies while Margot is still the only one who hand dips the truffles. We are always experimenting with chocolate, caramel and nuts. Who knows what candy we will come up with next….. maybe Laurie’s Lollies.

Margot’s is owned by Margot Tankersley and Naomi Medina. Featured is Lappert’s Ice Cream (a Super Premium Ice Cream originally from Hawaii). Margot’s also has yogurt, sorbet, coffee and espresso (fat-free, sugar-free and dairy-free). Also featured are Margot’s handmade Kayla’s Kandies including truffles, chocolate apricots, almond butter crunch and more. Made to order items are ice cream cakes, sandwiches and special occasion favors. Margot’s is located in Historical San Juan Bautista and is open daily.