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What’s your flavor? If you can’t decide, have a taste test! Come in for a scoop or two in a variety of cones or cups. We also offer yogurt; sorbet, sherbet, milkshakes, floats, banana splits and a variety of chocolates, chocolate covered treats, and truffles galore!

Our menu of coffee drinks includes espresso’s, latte’s cappuccino’s and other specialty coffee drinks. Try Margot’s Coffee Granita made with Kona ice cream or Margot’s Hawaiian Cappuccino made with Kauai Pie ice cream. Stop in for lunch and try one our delicious turkey or ham sandwiches served with corn chips, fruit and pepperoncini peppers. On Sunday’s only, we serve fresh house made Pozole soup topped with cabbage, served with lemon and warm tortillas. Enjoy San Juan and we look forward to serving you one of our special treats!